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Ultimate Glit Hit- Wana shine babez? Then our Ultimate Glit Hit is the purrrfect set for u! Grab all of our top shimmer glimmers glitters in a set!  


At Dusk  - An astronomical twilight. The bridge between the brightness of day and the darkness of night. A perfect mixture of golden glitter will be sure to take you into a mysterious and magical nightfall.  

 Metal,Glitterally-  I mean like Metal, Glitterally! Headbang your way to the front of the show and give them a taste of what you've got.  This metal dream is a badazz holographic Sliver concoction.  Leather and glitter all ova will give ya that wicked look ready to shake things up.

 Golden Dreams - U think u done with me? Ur funny boo, I'll  just walk around ur dreams! This is alluring pink glitter with green reflections and hints gold will have your former flame wanting back the gold they missed out on. 

Our Chunky Cosmetic Grade Glitters are safe to use on yer face, body n' hair.

 How To Apply:

We recommend using a glitter primer for the face or gel that is safe for the skin to apply these glitters. Using fingertips or brush, press lightly onto skin.

 How to Remove:

Apply an oil based product such as face oil, coconut oil, or baby oil to gently remove.

** Please note that the FDA does not approve glitter as a cosmetic addictive. Please avoid using in eye area.