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Inner-Stella Unleash your inner Galactic space babe. You'll be the brightest star in the galaxy and have everyone blinded by the beauty you radiate! What once was a limited edition bby has now became a staple in the Kandeolove fam. Featuring a mixture of many of our discontinued glitters mixed in one. Our Chunky Cosmetic Grade Glitters are safe to use on yer face, body n' hair.

How To Apply:

We recommend using a glitter primer for the face or gel that is safe for the skin to apply these glitters. Using fingertips or brush, press lightly onto skin.

 How to Remove:

Apply an oil based product such as face oil, coconut oil, or baby oil to gently remove.

** Please note that the FDA does not approve glitter as a cosmetic addictive. Please avoid using in eye area.